INJAZ launched “A National Volunteer Initiative for Youth”

INJAZ launched “A National Volunteer Initiative for Youth” to promote and spread the volunteering culture in the Jordanian society. The initiative motivates young people of all ages and governorates to contribute in building this culture with key partnerships of the public, private and civil society organizations.

The initiative is launched as part of a national campaign across the Kingdom, aims at highlighting the role of youth as an integral part of volunteering. This initiative will provide youth who is the largest segment of the Jordanian society, with various opportunities to demonstrate their potential, build their capacity and expertise believing that it will bring positive outcomes on the community in return.

The initiative works with various stakeholders to institutionalize volunteering culture and build on what has been achieved in this area at a national level, and open a wide range of national partnerships to provide the largest possible number of volunteer opportunities for youth. The initiative also aims at strengthening the institutional framework for volunteering and investing in all opportunities to transfer and build experiences among young people and all partners.

The National Initiative has adopted the slogan "Volunteer and Build a Generation Culture” in the belief of the importance of the volunteering values and its impact on the development process. In addition to its crucial role in building an empowered generation; who is capable of transforming the challenges into opportunities. Also, it will play a vital role in developing youth competencies through providing them with appropriate volunteering opportunities in various institutions and sectors to enhance their expertise and increase their chances to enter the labor market.

The initiative will be reaching various cities over the Kingdom by organizing a range of activities, advertising campaigns and media to reach different segments of the society.

In its advanced stages, the initiative will include a digital platform that will be developed to enable the youth to establish their online accounts and access a range of training courses in the fields of volunteerism, life skills and employment.